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Galaxy Garden

refund policy

If you need to change the date or cancel the appointment after ordering, you must pay an additional 50% of the basic tent rental fee as an administrative fee.

​ If you need to update within one week before campingNo refunds will be given for rescheduled dates or canceled appointments.

In addition to government policies, full refunds will not be arranged for appointments canceled due to personal reasons.

(Example: At the time of booking, the number of people allowed to gather is limited to 4 people, and then tightened to 2 people. The 4-person camp will receive a full refund, and the refund policy for the 2-person camp will not be affected by the restrictions.)

Star Garden reserves the right of final decision on all refund arrangements.

bad weather arrangement

On the day of entering the camp, the Hong Kong Observatory issued a typhoon warning, the campDepending on the situation of the typhoon in the next 24 hours, the relevant arrangement will be notified before 2:00 pm on the same day.

If the Observatory still issued a red or black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal No. 3 or above after 2:00 p.m. on the day of camping, arrangements will be made in this casechange dateson.


If you need to change the date, please choose a date within 60 days without additional charge, but you must reply within 7 days to change the check-in date.


All Severe Weather Handling, Star GardenWillFinal decision reserved.


If there is a power/short circuit problem in the Star Tent Camp due to weather, accidents or human factors, it will not be a reason for a refund.

If any facilities of the campsite are damaged during cooking, the campsite has the right to demand compensation.

Various beverages are sold in the star tent camp. If stargazers bring beverages that are not purchased in the camp, the camp will not provide any refrigeration service.

Star Garden will reserve the final right to use the services and/or facilities of this tent camp, and can cancel the booked camp period or venue and refund the payment if necessary without giving reasons.

Star Garden has the right to modify the terms of service as needed without prior notice.

Pets are not allowed in this stargazing camp area, and pet surcharges will be charged for violators.

In case of any dispute, Star Garden reserves the right of final decision.

Instructions for camping

The star tent camp is located in the closed road area of Lantau Island. Stargazers who need to drive need to apply for a closed road permit before driving inside.

The reception counter service time of Star Tent Camp is until 10:00 pm. If you cannot come to the campsite by 10:00, please notify us in advance for arrangement.

If you leave the camp before 10:00 am, you must notify in advance in order to get back the deposit after deducting maintenance and cleaning.

A $1,000 deposit will be charged for each starry tent before entering the camp (only cash is accepted). The deposit will be returned after deduction of the cleaning fee after leaving the camp. If any items are damaged, an additional fee will be charged for compensation.

Staying stargazers are welcome to arrive early to store non-valuable items.

petCheck-in notice


​ Pets need to stay in the designated star tent.

There is an additional fee of $300/1 for pets.

Aggressive pets are not allowed to stay at the camp. No size limit, pets in heat and aggressive pets should be informed in advance.

If you hide your pet's conditionIf it causes the loss of other pets, we will pursue compensation according to law.

If your pet dies suddenly or due to illness during your stay, if it is not caused by our human factors, our store will not be responsible for it.

When encountering wild animals, such as wild boars and cattle, parents are advised to keep their pets as calm as possible and avoid walking into the living range of wild animals.

Campers should not let their pets walk into the grass or places where the grass is relatively long. If they are bitten by snakes or poisonous insects, parents should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Kind owners please clean up the excrement of their own pets by themselves, and please do not defecate in the indoor space.

Pet owners should do their best to maintain the room. If pets defecate on the bed or sofa, or scratch furniture, Star Garden has the right to claim compensation.

If you are not sure whether the fur toddler can go to the public area stably (referring to interacting with strangers, other fur toddlers, attacking, barking, defecating, etc.), please do not let the fur to the ground or
Yes, please use a leash so that pet owners can always pay attention to the needs of fur pets.

Do not leave pets alone in the room or in the toilet. If the pet has barking behavior, please stop it immediately.

specialDo not pay attention

From 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm is the stargazing time zone. At that time, all spotlights in the camp will be turned off, and only the decorative lights in the camp will be turned on.

Please note that after 10:00 pm is quiet time, please keep the noise down so as not to disturb other stargazers.

Barbecue and cooking must be carried out within the designated area of the Starry Sky Tent Camp, and no other sources of ignition and campfires are allowed.

The grassland and leisure area of the star tent camp are public areas and will be used by other stargazers at the same time.

Star Tent Rules

Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the Starry Sky Tent

Do not trample on the non-carpeted areas of the Star Tent

Do not open the two pairs of doors of the Starry Sky Tent Passage at the same time


Please do not destroy any facilities in the Starry Sky Tent


Please keep the star tent clean


No smoking in the campsite

The following items are strictly prohibited

Offensive weapons, such as any firearms (except water guns), sharp objects


Items such as telescopes and aerial cameras that are likely to harass other stargazers


Candles, fireworks, firecrackers and other flammable and explosive items.


Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited (reservedexcept)

safety rules

Note the unevenness of the grass

Climbing the fence is strictly prohibited

Take good care of the children who are traveling with you, and do not approach the hillside


Smoking is strictly prohibited within 10 meters of the shower room

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