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Galaxy garden

--  Star Tent Camp  -- 

Galaxy Garden

Galaxy Garden is a star tent camp built with the concept of a garden. Stargazers can stay away from fireworks in the Pui O district of Lantau Island without light pollution

In addition to the magnificent night sky, Galaxy  Garden is more integrated with nature. Every corner of the garden is covered with natural grass. As long as you pay close attention, it is not difficult to find traces of different fruit trees in the Star Garden.

The starry sky tent designed by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has been improved to re-adapt to the subtropical climate of Hong Kong after the star garden, allowing stargazers to feel the breath of nature comfortably on the open outdoor grass



"Glamping" is a new type of vacation that is sweeping the world. It is a combination of the two words "glamorous" luxury charm and "camping". Star Garden Galaxy Garden is just for stargazers who are ready to explore glamping, injecting a new side into Hong Kong, a small place with dense smog. Bring the traditional weekend leisure activities to another high-level new angle of feeling nature.

20190809_Galaxy Garden Star Garden-31.jpg

Except Zuo and his big class friends went to Star Garden together, the whole family is also very suitable to come to Star Garden. Xingyuan prepares the children's favorite toys. Important star gardens are closer to nature than ordinary glamping sites. There are countless varieties of dragonflies and butterflies that can be found in the Star Garden, and different native plants grow at the same time. It is simply a nature activity classroom, and it is definitely a good opportunity to have a real nature lesson.

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