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Galaxy Garden


Galaxy Garden prepares hygienic and delicious dinners for you. In addition to left BBQ, Star Garden Galaxy Garden also prepares hot pot for stargazers. It can allow stargazers to have more choices.

​Purchase BBQ package

The BBQ package needs to bring your own charcoal. Packed charcoal is also available for sale in the camp. You can click the link below to find out more about the packages.

Purchasing hot pot set meal

​The hot pot set meal needs to clean the hot pot ingredients by yourself. Seasoning is provided free of charge. You can click the link below to find out more about the packages.


 Galaxy Galaxy prepares two morning breakfasts for you. It allows you to relax in the wild environment without any burden.

A. Field breakfast
-Hamburger Steak+Ham+Chicken Sausage
- fried eggs
- beans in tomato sauce

: 50 per person

B. A healthy breakfast​

-Alpen instant cereal with milk

- Boiled eggs

-Seasonal fruit


: 50 per person


  • ​Galaxy Garden provides food purchased fresh every day.

  • ​Related stove rental fee (barbecue charcoal needs to be purchased separately)

0-​1 proxy purchase barbecue charter furnace fee 200

The fee for 2-3 barbecue chartered stoves is 100.

4 or more or 4 people BBQ package free of charge.

  • Purchasing charcoal    : $70 per pack(10lbs)

  • Purchasing GAS: $25 each   

  • All purchased meals need to be confirmed and paid for 3 days before entering the camp. On-site reservations are not available.

  • ​ Galaxy Garden has the final decision right in all aspects of meal purchasing

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